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We have ONE reservation that was pre-booked before the major increase to the current all-inclusive rate for the Kosher Program to $150.00 per adult per night.

We have Exactly One Crown Villa reservation for 2 adults at the $99.00 Kosher all-Inclusive rate which is a $51.00 savings each adult per night over the current resort rate of $150.00 for each adult per night - this is a first come first serve basis.

Details are as follows:  3 Bedroom Crown Villa for 2 Adults for any travel dates in 2015.  This is a 5 day 4 night package and once again you chose the dates that work best for you.


Can I add more people to the villa reservation :    Yes, but the additional guests will pay the current $150.00 Kosher all inclusive rate.

Will I be able to extend the stay in the villa    :    Yes, but you would be required to pay the additional nights at the current $150.00 rate.

Does this reservation include all the same VIP  :   Yes,  No difference - you just save $51.00 per adult per night

Can I change the accommodation type if I don't want to stay in the villa :    No, This reservation is locked for a 3 bedroom villa.

How long do I have to book this deal :   We have exactly 1 unit at the old rate - so when it's gone the deal is over.













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